[Phylomania] t-shirts, anyone?

Michael Charleston michael.charleston at utas.edu.au
Tue Oct 31 16:07:38 CDT 2017

Good morning all,
If you check out the Phylomania web page at http://www.maths.utas.edu.au/phylomania/phylomania2017.htm you’ll notice a slight change to the graphics, to include this lovely beastie:
[cid:08328E46-6383-412A-97CC-554E1E3CA9E4 at lan]
This year we’re making t-shirts so if you’re interested in having one with this image as a sign of your attendance at this perfectly wonderful conference, please let me know! And if so, what size/shape (M/F cut, S/M/L or something) so we can get a sense of how many to provide. Probably cost about $25.

Michael Charleston
A/Prof in Bioinformatics
School of Physical Sciences
University of Tasmania
phone: +61 3 6226 2444; ext 2444

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